I love gadgets and technology. My iPhone 4 (with teeny tiny dents) gives it lots of character. I love taking photos, but really hate the post-production process, so I hate editing photos.

Generally considered a welcoming and warm guy, I can probably go on and on about new tech gear. I have a need for speed and need to get my own car as soon as possible (but kind of pointless in NYC when a Subway ride is so much easier).

I'm a reporter / reviews editor for DVICE, contributing editor (gaming) for UBERGIZMO and editor-in-chief of TEKUNOLOJI

Follow me on Twitter: raywongy.

Email me at ray.dvice[at]gmail.com

Check out my review for Razer’s wireless Xbox 360 Chimaera headset. 

Sadly it was in stereo sound and not 5.1 surround sound. Disappointed :(

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